HULK Metal is committed to enabling every customer of metal products to have higher standards of products and services in HULK Metal. FAQ is a form of service, which allows you to get the answers you need more quickly. We will continue to update all the questions we have encountered and give higher-standard answers.

  • Lost Wax Casting is the process that uses wax to make a wax mold according to the part to be cast and then coating the wax mold with mud, which is the mud mold.

  • HULK Metal's service purpose is to make it easier for you to purchase the metal products you want. We can negotiate together to find a win-win solution.

  • We have a series of cooperation processes to make sourcing easier for you at HULK Metal. 1. In-depth understanding of your requirement. 2. Custom production solutions. 3. Schedule the production schedule. 4.Start producing you order. 5. Monitor the production process. 6. Inspect the product quality irregularly. 7. Customized packaging solutions. 8. Pre-shipment inspection and arrangement of shipment. 9.After Service.

  • The biggest difference between forgings and castings is that forgings are produced when the metal is in a solid-state, while castings require the metal to be heated to a liquid state before production.

  • 1. Forging blanks blanking: choose appropriate raw materials. Cut the raw material into a predetermined shape and size. 2. Forging blanks heating: heating the forging billet to the temperature required by the forging production process. 3. Die forging: Use the product mold to press the forging blank. 4. Trimming: Cut off the burrs on the forgings. 5. Punching: punching holes in specific positions according to product drawings. 6. Adjusting: Adjust product details according to product drawings. 7. Intermediate inspection: inspection of forgings for size and surface defects 8. Forging heat treatment: to eliminate forging stress and improve metal cutting performance 9. Cleaning: mainly to remove the surface oxide scale. 10. Adjusting: Continue to adjust product details. 11. Inspection: General forgings are subject to appearance and hardness inspection, and important forgings are also subject to chemical composition analysis, mechanical properties, residual stress, and other inspections and non-destructive testing.

  • For low-alloy structural steel forging, the one-time service life of the forging die varies according to the complexity and precision of the shape of the forging. The die forging hammer has a die life of 4,000 to 7,000 pieces. However, the new type of program-controlled full hydraulic die forging hammer, because its energy and program can be set and controlled, the die life has been improved. The die life of screw press is slightly lower than that of mechanical press, and the die life of mechanical press can generally reach 10,000 to 25,000. The service life of connecting rod mold is 15,000 to 25,000, the life of crankshaft mold is 8,500 to 18,000, the life of steering knuckle mold is 6,000 to 14,000, and the life of gear mold is 10,000 to 35,000. . The average life of domestic mechanical press molds is 5,000 to 8,000, while friction press molds have a lower life of 2,000 to 3,500, generally only about 25,000.

  • The number of times of use and repair of the mold needs to be determined according to the specific production process. For example, metal molds in casting can be used hundreds to thousands of times, while sand molds can be used an infinite number of times. The forging die needs to be determined according to the complexity of the forged part. For specific details, you can communicate with our technical engineers.

  • Yes, of course. But because HULK Metal provides OEM service. Different products will have different weights. As for whether it is free, you need to communicate with our business manager to confirm.

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