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The product series that we provide currently include: metal OEM parts, aluminum machining parts, handrail fittings, precast concrete accessories. We can also provide you with customized services. If you need to produce new products, you can always contact our engineers.

HULK Metal has rich OEM experience in agricultural machinery parts, auto parts, construction parts and other industries parts. We can provide you with higher standard OEM parts and services. We have advanced production equipment and quality inspection equipment, and can provide you with casting, forging and CNC parts production services. Your order can be completed faster and at a lower price. The qualified rate of products can reach 100%.

Metal OEM Parts Category:

HULK Metal has been focusing on pump parts and valve parts production for 16 years and has accumulated rich production experience. We can provide you with pipeline pumps, centrifugal pumps, sewage pumps, and other pump parts and ball valves, butterfly valves, shut-off valves, other valve parts, and other production services. We have modern factories, advanced production lines of valve parts and pump parts. The experienced quality inspection team will track the whole process of production to ensure that the pass rate of the order can reach 100%. We have a professional freight consulting team to provide you with free freight consulting services. Every batch of your order comes with free quality assurance support. At HULK Metal, you will have a more convenient purchasing process.

Pump & Valve Parts Category:

HULK Metal has been engaged in aluminum parts machining services for 16 years and has accumulated rich experience. We can provide you with aluminum OEM services, aluminum panel machining services, and aluminum profile machining services. We have a modern aluminum production workshop, advanced production equipment, and testing equipment, which can provide you with higher quality aluminum OEM parts, aluminum panels, and aluminum profile machining parts. The products you buy at HULK can achieve a 100% pass rate. We also provide quality assurance services, freight services, and other full-service to make your purchases at HULK more simple.

Aluminum Parts Category:

HULK Metal has 16 years of experience in the production of Guardrail & Handrail Systems. We have handrail dies for all common pipe diameters. We have a fully automatic casting production line with an annual output value of hundreds of millions of dollars. We can produce structural pipe fittings and Glass Railing Accessories. Products have been widely used in corridor guardrails and building guardrails. HULK Metal has an experienced quality inspection team and advanced testing equipment, which can increase the product qualification rate to 98%. Our quality assurance service can ensure that your order pass rate reaches 100%.

Guardrail & Handrail Systems Category:

HULK Metal is the top Precast Concrete Accessories manufacturer in China with 16 years of experience. We have a production plant of thousands of square meters, with advanced production equipment, we can provide you with casting parts, forging parts, stamping parts and CNC machined parts in the construction industry according to your needs, and can provide you with a variety of surface treatments Serve. Our mature products now mainly include Precast Lifting Socket, Precast Lifting Anchor, Precast Lifting Anchor, and other embedded parts. We are already supplying hundreds of companies. We provide 100% qualified products.

Precast Concrete Accessories Category:


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