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You can buy the aluminum parts you need at HULK Metal. HULK Metal started production of aluminum parts in 2010. After 11 years of continuous scientific research and innovation, can produce aluminum parts for computers, televisions, communication equipment, automobiles, and other industries. Hundreds of companies have become our partners. Our products have spread all over the world. We provide you with customized product solutions and production services: including design, production, quality inspection, delivery, quality assurance, etc.

HULK Metal has been engaged in aluminum parts machining services for 16 years and has accumulated rich experience. We can provide you with aluminum OEM services, aluminum panel machining services, and aluminum profile machining services. We have a modern aluminum production workshop, advanced production equipment, and testing equipment, which can provide you with higher quality aluminum OEM parts, aluminum panels, and aluminum profile machining parts. The products you buy at HULK can achieve a 100% pass rate. We also provide quality assurance services, freight services, and other full-service to make your purchases at HULK more simple.

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HULK Metal provides professional Aluminum Die Casting Parts production services. We have thousands of square meters of factories, The aluminum die casting equipment can process thousands of tons of products and a one-stop fully automatic production line. The annual output value of OEM parts can reach tens of millions of dollars. We are fully capable of providing you with OEM production services. We have a quality inspection team and provide quality assurance services to ensure that your products can reach a 100% pass rate. We can also provide you with various surface treatments such as sandblasting, brushing, polishing, high-gloss cutting, anodizing, two-color anodizing, spraying, synthesizing, etc. We produce Aluminum Die Casting Parts that have been used in many industries such as heat sinks, electronics, home appliances, automobiles, and decoration.


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