Metal Stamping Service

HULK Metal has been supplying metal processing services of casting, forging, stamping, and machining to global metal product buyers.

Metal Stamping Service

Metal Stamping service is a service that uses stamping processes to produce accessories for various industries such as construction, home appliance manufacturing, and automobile manufacturing. We generally divide the stamping process into blanking, bending, shearing, deep drawing, expansion, spinning, and straightening.

HULK Metal is an experienced metal stamping parts manufacturer and can formulate complete production solutions according to the metal stamping parts drawings and production requirements. Our factory has three 300-ton punching machines, five 200-ton punching machines, five 100-ton punching machines, and five 60-ton punching machines, which can complete most of the stamping parts manufacturing services.

If you need to customize metal stamping parts made of steel, aluminum, copper, etc. for automobile manufacturing, construction, or machinery manufacturing, you can provide drawings or samples. This is how we develop solutions and provide excellent stamping services.


Team Strength:

Technical Team:

Average working age over 15 years;

They can formulate complete production solutions according to drawings and production requirements of the metal stamping parts to ensure that product quality can be improved while reducing costs.

Production Team: 

Average working experience of more than 10 years

They can fulfill orders faster and strictly according to production requirements.


Quality Control Team:

Average working age over 20 years;

They can track the production of the order and test the performance of the metal stamping parts to ensure that the quality of the order meets your requirements.


Freight Team: 

Average working age over 10 years;

They can provide freight information, warehousing, cargo transfer, and other services.


After-sales Team:

Has a strong and comprehensive service ability;

Can provide excellent after-sales service and quality assurance services.

Our Metal Stamping Services are Below:


Precision Metal Stamping

Stainless Steel Stamping

Carbon Steel Stamping

Copper Stamping

Brass Stamping


Metal Stamping Service Capacities:



According to Drawings


Stamping: Blanking, Bending, Shearing, Deep Drawing, Expanding, Spinning, Straightening.

Machining: Turning, Milling, Drilling, Customized

Surface Treatment.


Steel Plate: Carbon Steel Plate, Stainless Steel Plate, Alloy Steel Plate.

Aluminum Plate.

Copper Plate: Copper Plate, Copper Alloy Plate.


Powder Coating, Electro Galvanized, Hot Dip Galvanized, Passivated, Polished, Anodized, Raw Black


According to Drawings






Safety Protection




Factory Capacities:


Metal Stamping Factory;

Machining Factory;

Surface Treatment Factory.



Metal Stamping Service Process:


Custom Solution:

Our engineers will develop preliminary production solutions after receiving drawings and samples, and commercial managers will negotiate with you to determine final plans and prices.


Making Molds and Samples:

We will make samples of the metal stamping parts and send them to you for testing. We will start mass production after the samples pass the test.



The factory strictly implements the ISO 9001 quality management system. Workers will also fulfill orders faster in strict accordance with production requirements.


Quality Control:

We will control the quality of the order throughout the process. The quality inspection team will track the whole process of order production and test the performance of the product to ensure that the product quality meets your requirements.



We can complete the packaging of the goods according to your requirements. No matter what packaging materials you need, we can complete them.



We support a variety of delivery methods, and we work closely with freight companies to help you get Great freight rates.


After Service:

HULK Metal provides lifetime after-sales service. We are responsible for any products with quality problems. We will provide various solutions, such as returns, exchanges, and replenishment. Specific measures will be negotiated with you and implemented to ensure your satisfaction.

Metal Stamping Parts HULK Metal Has Produced:

  • Brass Stamping Service

    Brass stamping service is a process in which metal stamping factories make molds according to drawings or samples, produce brass stamping parts, and provide follow-up services.

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  • Stainless Steel Stamping Service

    Stainless steel stamping service is to use stainless steel as raw material to complete the separation or molding of stainless steel stamping parts in the mold under the action of the punch.

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  • Precision Metal Stamping Service

    Precision stamping is a process to obtain precision metal stamping parts by improving the guiding accuracy, reducing the gap between male and female dies, increasing the reverse pressure and V-ring blank holder to achieve the condition of strong three-dimensional stress on the basis of the common stamping process, and under the above conditions, completing the stamping or stamping combined with other forming processes.

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  • Copper Stamping Service

    Copper stamping service is a service process in which metal stamping factories use copper, brass, and other copper alloys as raw materials to produce copper stamping parts for customers by blanking, bending, shearing, deep drawing, expanding, spinning, straightening, and other processes.

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  • Carbon Steel Stamping Service

    Carbon steel stamping service is a process in which the stamping factory processes stamping parts made of low- or medium-carbon steel with blanking, binding, shearing, deep drawing, expanding, spinning, straining, and other stamping processes.

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