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You can buy higher standard metal OEM parts at HULK Metal. HULK Metal provides you with customized production solutions, including raw material procurement and production, quality inspection, surface treatment, etc. HULK has rich experience in the production of ductile iron, cast iron, cast steel and other materials as raw materials. Hundreds of well-known brands have reached long-term cooperation with us. We also hope to provide you with OEM service.

HULK Metal has rich OEM experience in agricultural machinery parts, auto parts, construction parts and other industries parts. We can provide you with higher standard OEM parts and services. We have advanced production equipment and quality inspection equipment, and can provide you with casting, forging and CNC parts production services. Your order can be completed faster and at a lower price. The qualified rate of products can reach 100%.

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HULK Metal has 16 years of production experience in CNC machining. We have new production equipment and are proficient in turning, milling, planing, drilling, grinding, drilling, boring, and other finishing processes. Can provide you with higher precision CNC machining services. We also have more advanced quality inspection equipment and a quality inspection team to ensure that your order can reach a 100% pass rate. Our CNC products are widely used in many industries such as electronics, automobiles, and home appliances.


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