HULK Metal is committed to enabling every customer of metal products to have higher standards of products and services in HULK Metal. FAQ is a form of service, which allows you to get the answers you need more quickly. We will continue to update all the questions we have encountered and give higher-standard answers.

  • You can have very flexible lead times at HULK Metal even if your order is large. We can provide cyclical production service and pre-production service. You can more flexibly decide the lead time and quantity of goods according to your usage.

  • Yes, of course. But because we provide OEM service. Different products will have different weights. As for whether it is free, you need to communicate with our business manager to confirm.

  • HULK Metal can provide custom packaging services according to your requirements. We have advanced packaging lines, which can provide paper packaging, plastic packaging, wooden packaging, shock-resistant packaging, anti-bump packaging, and other packaging methods. We also provide packaging box customization and printing services.

  • HULK Metal's products have covered more than 100 developed and developing countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Norway, Japan, South Korea, and Malaysia. We have a complete supply chain including production and freight, which can provide more comprehensive production services.

  • Yes, of course. HULK Metal has an experienced freight consulting team and has reached close cooperation with hundreds of freight companies around the world to plan more cost-effective freight methods and routes according to your city. We can provide you with freight consulting services in Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, Africa, South America and other countries.

  • HULK Metal now has a 2,500-ton casting machine, and the largest parts that have ever been cast are parts of mining machinery. We can determine whether we can provide casting services according to the drawings you provide.

  • Sure. Because HULK Metal provides OEM service, we need to provide you with a quotation according to your needs. You need to tell us your needs before obtaining this information, and we will provide you with the price and minimum order quantity of the corresponding products.

  • Yes, of course. No matter what quality requirements you have, we can customize it for you. But we are only responsible for the quality requirements you put forward, if there are other quality problems, we will not be responsible.

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