HULK Metal is committed to enabling every customer of metal products to have higher standards of products and services in HULK Metal. FAQ is a form of service, which allows you to get the answers you need more quickly. We will continue to update all the questions we have encountered and give higher-standard answers.

  • Yes, why not? We will give profits to every customer who sincerely cooperates with HULK Metal. You can send us drawings and requirements and quantities etc. Our technical team will communicate with you and clarify more cooperation details and finally give you a more suitable production solution and quotation.

  • Sorry, HULK Metal does not provide this service at the moment, because we do not have a corresponding design team. When you provide drawings, we can provide you with comprehensive OEM services according to the drawings and your production requirements.

  • It can be seen from the thousands of buyers who choose to cooperate with HULK Metal: the price-performance ratio of the products we provide ranks among the best among Chinese suppliers. In many cases, what you are looking for is not the price, but the value that you want to match with the price. The high-quality products and the corresponding comprehensive services we provide can make your purchase easier.

  • HULK Metal will sign a non-disclosure agreement with you. After signing the non-disclosure agreement, we will strictly prohibit any information related to your products such as pictures, samples, drawings, production pictures, or videos from leaking from our company. If any information related to your product was leaked from HULK Metal. We will all bear the corresponding legal responsibilities.

  • HULK Metal can provide production services with 0.01mm tolerance. However, the specific tolerance requirements need to be determined according to the actual requirements of the product and the production process. Our technical engineers will determine whether your requirements can be realized according to the drawings you provide.

  • First, HULK Metal will provide a sample delivery service. You can test the properties of your samples. We will mass-produce the order after you are satisfied. Secondly, the quality inspection team will track the production of the order and provide feedback on the inspection data. You can also participate in on-site inspections via video calls. Thirdly, we will conduct a pre-shipment inspection to ensure that the product quality can meet your requirements. Finally, we have quality assurance services, any quality problems will be properly resolved.

  • HULK Metal has mastered various surface treatment processes such as galvanized, anodized, chrome-plated, nickel-plated, oxidized black, electrophoretic paint, powder coating, etc. We will provide corresponding surface treatment services according to your requirements on the surface of the product.

  • For small parts, HULK Metal offers pre-production and sample delivery services. You can perform various tests on samples. We will start mass production when you are satisfied. If the goods you received have any quality problems. We will take the corresponding responsibility and negotiate with you to solve the problem. For large parts, HULK Metal recommends that you purchase a single piece for trial and then decide whether to continue the order.

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