Learn More About Pipe Railing Fittings Through This Article

Learn More About Pipe Railing Fittings Through This Article

When we use pipes as materials to build handrails, we need some accessories to assemble them, and Pipe Railing Fittings was born. When installing handrails, we also need to pay attention to their appearance, price, ease of installation, safety, and other factors. Therefore, there are many types of Pipe Railing Fittings such as Slip-on Pipe Fittings, Threaded pipe fittings, square pipe fittings, etc. We can choose different types according to the use environment. When selecting suppliers, you need to compare them from two aspects: whether they have inventory. The following content will be introduced in detail.


Slip-on Pipe Fittings:

When we use it to assemble the handrail, the pipes can be easily inserted into the accessories and the pipes can be connected by side fastening with bolts. It has a well-known brand Kee Clamp. Its material is mainly metal, and there are many surface treatments, which will be introduced in detail below.


Installation Is Very Simple: it can quickly complete the assembly of handrails, guardrails, and other systems.

Safe And Reliable: because it is made of metal. Impact resistance, shear force, and torsion can all reach a high level.

Long Service Life: We can perform powder coating, galvanizing, and other treatments on its outer surface to make it suitable for different environments.

Convenient storage and transportation: Because it is so easy to install and disassemble, a complex structure can be quickly broken down into pipes and accessories. Only a small amount of space is required for storage and transportation.


Heavier: Slip-on Pipe Fittings made of metal materials are heavier, which will increase transportation costs.

Stainless steel is more expensive than other materials.



How To Use:

The use of Slip-on Pipe Fittings only requires 2 steps to complete the connection between fittings and pipe.

The first step is to insert the pipes into the sleeve.

The second step is to use the Allen Key to tighten the bolts on the side of the sleeve.


Threaded Pipe Fittings:

It uses tapping technology to process threads on the outside of the pipes and inside the fitting sleeves. During the installation process, the handrail installation is completed by tightening the pipes and fittings. Its material is also mainly metal, and it will have a longer service life after surface treatment.


Same advantages as slip-on pipe fittings


Based on slip-on pipe fittings, the following disadvantages need to be added.

The thread tolerance requirements for pipes and fittings are higher, which makes the overall cost of pipes of the same thickness higher.

The connection of pipes and fittings may not be better controlled resulting in inconsistent connection lengths. This allows us to drill holes in the ground or wall only once per installation section.


How To Use:


Screw the fittings directly onto the pipes and connect them to form an armrest.


Material And Production Process:

Slip-on Pipe Fittings and threaded pipe fittings made of metal materials mainly include malleable steel, ductile iron, aluminum alloy, and stainless steel. Among them, malleable iron and ductile iron are produced by sand casting, aluminum alloy is produced by die casting, and stainless steel is produced by investment casting. Based on the production process, materials, and other conditions, a comprehensive conclusion can be drawn.

Cost (from high to low): Stainless steel (material cost, production cost, mold fee cost) >> Aluminum alloy (die-casting mold fee cost) > Ductile iron ≈ Malleco Steel

Surface Treatment:

Choosing the appropriate surface treatment according to the material can save the cost of surface treatment and make Slip-on Pipe Fittings and threaded pipe fittings more beautiful.

Stainless Steel: Choose polishing, brushing, titanium plating, and other treatment methods to have a better appearance.

Aluminum Alloy: Because it is produced using a die-casting process, anodizing surface treatment cannot be used. When the aluminum alloy is in the air, it will form a dense oxide film to protect the internal structure from further oxidation. Therefore, wire drawing, sandblasting, and shot blasting can be used. Powder spraying can also be used.

Malleable Steel And Ductile Iron: Slip-on Pipe Fittings and threaded pipe fittings made of these two materials can be used for a long time in a dry environment without surface treatment. But suppose we cannot guarantee that their use environment can remain highly dry for a long time. In that case, we need to use powder coating, electro-galvanizing, hot-dip galvanizing, and electroplating after hot-dip for surface treatment to increase their service life.

Pipe Railing Fittings113Pipe Railing Fittings2

Structural Classification:

Pipe handrail fittings can be roughly divided into the following types according to their uses. Each type has more detailed classifications according to different uses. You can choose the relevant fittings according to your needs to complete your project.


Connect two or 3 pipes to form a "T" shape. Mostly used to connect uprights and handrail tubes.


Connect two or three pipes to adjust the angle of the handrail in the horizontal plane. Common angles are 30°, 60°, and 90°. There is also an Elbow with an adjustable angle.


Connect 3 or more pipes to form a plane or a multi-plane cross. It is mostly used on uprights to add more pipes between the armrest and the floor.


Use two pipes to form a cross. The two pipes are located on two planes respectively. Its function is similar to cross.


Use two pieces of pipe to form a longer pipe. Used to extend pipes.


Fixed to the ground or floor to support lateral pipes.


Fixed on the ground or floor, with supports uprights.


It consists of two parts, which are connected by riveting or bolts to form a pipe fittings whose angle can be adjusted freely.

It can form cross, tee, elbow, base.

End Cap:

Possess blocking pipes.


Used to connect two pipes with different outer diameters.


Quality Inspection:

Salt Spray Test:

Mainly detects the surface treatment quality of handrail pipe fittings.

Mechanical Behavior:

It is necessary to meet the performance that can be achieved by castings of corresponding materials.

Usage Environment:

We can choose Slip-on Pipe Fittings with different surface treatments and materials according to different use environments.

Warehouse Intervals.

For warehouses with moderate humidity and neutral air, we can use fittings with all the surface treatments and materials mentioned above. Acidic and alkaline air requires the use of powder-coated fittings and pipes.

Roof Safety Handrails, Mountain Road Guardrails, Balcony Handrails.

Since it will be exposed to the outdoors, it is recommended to use galvanized surface treatment for fittings and pipes. Powder coating will shorten the surface treatment life under sunlight.

Home Stair Handrails.

Because it will not be exposed to direct sunlight and is in a closed environment, environmentally friendly powder-coated pipe handrail fittings can be used.

Seaside Fence.

In an environment with moderate humidity and neutral air, we can use fittings with all the above surface treatments and materials.

Channel Guardrail.

Powder-coated pipes and fittings are often used.

Warning Sign.

Pipes are powder-coated in warning yellow, and fittings can be electro-galvanized.

Farm Fence.

Commonly used galvanized pipes and fittings.


Installation Standards:

Chinese guardrail standards:


American guardrail standards:

ASTM standard.

Australian guardrail standards:

AS series standard. Such as 1926, NZS1170:1, 4687, 1657, etc.

European guardrail standards are mainly formulated and managed by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN).

Mainly includes EN1176 1317 14122 13374

Every country has its own standards. So be sure to learn more about it before installing handrails.

Supplier Option:

When we choose pipe handrail fittings, the main consideration is the urgency of our needs. Here I divide suppliers into two categories: in-stock and out-of-stock. Below I will make a detailed comparison of delivery time, price, quality, service, etc.

Suppliers Of Pipe Handrail Fittings In Stock.

This often refers to wholesalers and manufacturers who have larger warehouses near you, in your country, and on the production side.

Shorter Lead Times

The product has been produced. You only need to purchase according to the required quantity and you can receive the goods quickly because you do not need to wait for production.

Prices Are Relatively Stable But Will Be Higher

1. Because warehouse costs, management costs, raw material hoarding, capital backlog, and many other additional costs will increase the cost of a single fitting.

2. The price will fluctuate depending on the size of the order, but the amplitude will not be large.

No Stock Pipe Handrail Fittings Supplier

Often refers to suppliers or factories with rich factory resources close to the production end.

The Delivery Cycle Is Relatively Long

1. Production is usually scheduled after you place an order. Therefore the lead time needs to be added to the production time. And as the number of orders increases, the lead time will be extended.

2. We mostly adopt the method of delivering large orders in batches to shorten the order delivery cycle. Doing this ensures your inventory is in healthy condition in the long term.

Prices Are Unstable But Will Be Lower

1. Because there are no warehousing, raw material hoarding, capital lock-in, and other costs, the cost of a single piece of pipe handrail fittings will be lower.

2. Non-stock suppliers often implement a one-order-one-quote policy. Therefore, the price of orders is often volatile, and the main influencing factors are raw material costs, production costs, packaging costs, etc.

3. The price will fluctuate greatly due to the size of the order. The more complete the supply chain, the greater the fluctuations. Raw materials, production, packaging, transportation, etc. can all become part of the cost savings.


Comprehensive Comparison


We can determine the quality of the products provided by this supplier by requesting samples and completing quality inspections.


We can judge the service capabilities of this inventory supplier through orders, which can be judged from four aspects: mind and face.


Provide samples for quality testing. Can smaller samples be provided for free?

Technical Support

According to your demand quantity, we can develop better delivery methods, single shipment quantity, batch quantity, delivery method, etc.

After-Sales Service

Can provide quality assurance services according to you. Provide logistics status when you need it.

Long Term Service

Help you establish product consumption cycle management at the warehouse and remind you before you need to place an order. The product quality remains consistent for a long time and the price is guaranteed.

Choose An In-Stock Or Out-Of-Stock Supplier

Some scenarios for the first selection will be listed separately below.

Select a Supplier With Stock:

1. As a wholesaler, if you are unable to meet customer requirements due to various reasons, you need to seek emergency shipments from suppliers with inventory.

2. As a retailer, when purchasing a small amount of products, the factory rarely accepts small batch orders.

3. As a project contractor, you need to purchase a small quantity, but a supplier with a full range of handrail pipe fittings in stock will be the best choice.

Select An Out-Of-Stock Supplier:

1. As a wholesaler, I am looking for a service provider that can replenish inventory stably. Although the delivery time is longer, the price is more suitable.

2. As a large retailer with distribution points in many locations, you can seek a stock-free supplier to provide production-side services.

3. As a brand owner, seeking a production-side service provider can reduce the time and energy of contacting factories and improve your own supply chain.

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