Sand Casting

Sand Casting

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What is the sand casting:

Commonly used raw materials for sand casting:

Types of sand casting:

Advantages and disadvantages of sand casting:

How to sand casting:

Sand casting service.


What is Sand Casting?

Sand casting is a process of using sand as the casting mold material, bonding the sand to make a sand mold, combining it with a sand core to form a casting mold; and then pouring, cooling, and processing to obtain castings. Sand casting is one of the most common casting processes because the molding materials used in sand casting are cheaper and very readily available; the molds are simple to manufacture, and they can be used for mass production or single-piece production of castings from most raw materials. We can use sand casting to complete steel, iron, aluminum, and most non-ferrous alloy castings.

Commonly Used Raw Materials for Sand Castings:

Steel: carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, cast steel.

Iron: gray iron, ductile iron, cast iron.

Aluminum: Cast aluminum, aluminum alloy.

Copper: Brass, copper alloys.


Types of Sand Casting:

Sand casting has three types: clay wet sand casting, clay dry sand casting, and chemical hardening sand casting according to the type of sand, the binder used in the sand, and the way of building its strength.

According to the difference of the chemical sand mold, it is divided into water glass sand casting, resin sand casting, and coated sand casting.

Sand Casting Applications:

We can use sand casting to produce some castings with low precision requirements. In terms of size, weight, and complexity of castings, the larges, smalls, heavys, lights, complexes, and simples can use the sand casting process make.

How to Sand Casting

1. Make molds according to the drawings or samples of castings.

2. Make sand molds and mold core.

3. Molten Metal.

4. Pouring.

5. Cool down and clean up.

6. Finishing.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Sand Casting:


1. The modeling materials are cheap and easy to obtain.

2. The mold is easy to manufacture.

3. It can adapt to single-piece production, batch production, and mass production of castings.

4. Low cost, simple production process, and short production cycle.

5. The weight of the cast castings can range from a few kilograms to dozens of kilograms, while the weight of castings produced by the clay dry type casting can reach dozens of tons.



1. The accuracy is not very high.

3. Porosity: The gas does not escape in time before the metal liquid crusts, and the hole-like defects are generated in the casting.

4. Sticky sand: There is a layer of sand that is difficult to remove on the surface of the casting called sticky sand.

5. Sand inclusion: The grooves and scar defects formed on the surface of the casting are very easy to occur when casting thick and large flat castings with wet molds.

6. Sand holes: are hole-like defects filled with molding sand inside or on the surface of the casting.

7. Expansion Sand: It is a defect formed by the local expansion of the casting due to the movement of the mold wall under the pressure of the molten metal during pouring.


Sand Casting Service:


Sand casting service is the process by which metal casting service suppliers use the sand casting process to complete the production of castings. According to the different levels of molding technology, We divide sand casting services into manual molding sand casting and mechanical molding sand casting.

We can complete the order faster by mechanical molding sand casting, but it is more suitable for large-volume orders because of the higher operating costs of the machine. Hand-shaped shapes are more suitable for small orders.

HULK Metal's sand casting factory has two mechanical molding lines and fully automatic pouring and can accept larger orders for sand castings. We also have an experienced production team that can create handcrafted shapes to a higher standard. We have provided excellent metal sand casting services for over 20 industries, such as automobile manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, and construction. No matter what Yang product you need for sand casting, you can give it to us.



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