Lost Wax Casting

Lost Wax Casting

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l Application of Lost Wax Castings;

l Lost Wax Casting Service.

What is Lost Wax Casting?

Lost wax casting is also known as investment casting. It has the process for Wax Pressing, Wax Repairing, Tree Formation, Dipping, Melting Wax, Casting Molten Metal, and Post-processing. Lost Wax Casting is the process that uses wax to make a wax mold according to the part to be cast and then coating the wax mold with mud, which is the mud mold. After the clay mold dries, it is placed in hot water to melt the inner wax mold. And then, take out the clay mold that has melted the wax mold and bake it into a pottery mold. Generally, when making the mud mold, the sprue is left. Pour the molten metal into the sprue. After the mold is cooling, we can get the lost wax casting parts.

Types of Lost Wax Casting;

We will choose different waxes to make wax patterns according to processes. We can divide the wax into three types according to the range of melting temperature: low-temperature wax's melting temperature range is 58°C~62°C; medium-temperature wax's melting temperature range is 60°C~70°C; High-temperature wax's melting temperature range is 70℃~120℃.

One step in the paraffin casting process is to coat the assembled wax pattern, and the slurry is made of a mixture of refractory materials and binders. We will use ethyl silicate hydrolyzate, water glass, and silica sol as binders.

Therefore, the lost wax casting is called water glass lost wax casting, silica sol lost wax casting according to different binders.

The selection of specific wax-type materials and binders needs to refer to the requirements of the material, complexity, and precision of the lost-wax casting.


Professional lost-wax foundries will choose suitable materials according to the requirements of castings as the binder of lost-wax casting and the raw materials of wax patterns to reduce the production cost of orders and improve the yield and production efficiency.


Raw Materials Lost Wax Casting Can Process;

We can use the lost wax casting to process many kinds of metals:

Carbon steel, alloy steel, heat-resistant alloy, stainless steel, precision alloy, permanent magnetic alloy, copper alloy, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, ductile iron, etc.

A professional technical team can determine whether process your casting by lost wax casting. HULK Metal has been engaged in casting services for more than 16 years and can formulate more complete production solutions for you.


Advantages and Disadvantages 0f Lost Wax Casting;

Advantages of Lost Wax Casting:

(1) The casting has high precision, low surface roughness, and good quality, which is a precision casting process.

(2) Thin-walled castings with complex shapes can be cast.

(3) The types of casting alloy are not limited, and both steel and non-ferrous alloys are applicable.

(4) The production batch is not limited, and a single piece, small batch, batch, and mass production are applicable.

Disadvantages of Low Wax Casting:

(1) The process is complicated, and the production cycle is long.

(2) The price of raw materials is high, and the cost of castings is high.

(3) The casting should not be too large or too long. Otherwise, the wax mold will be easily deformed and lose its original precision.


How to Lost Wax Casting;

The lost wax casting (investment casting) process's detail is in investment casting.

1. Make a Wax Model

2. Repair the Wax Model

3. Form a Model Tree

4. Coat Refractories and Adhesives on the Mold Tree

5. Drying

6. Slip out the wax

7. Roasted shell

8. Pouring

9. Clean the castings

10. Finishing


Application of Lost Wax Castings;

Lost wax castings have many advantages and have been used in manufacturing industries such as aviation, automobiles, machine tools, ships, internal combustion engines, gas turbines, telecommunication instruments, weapons, medical equipment, and knives.


Lost Wax Casting Service;

Lost wax casting service is a process in which the foundry decides to choose the lost wax casting process to complete the production of the order according to the material, complexity, and performance requirements of the casting and provides a series of services such as freight and after-sales services after complete the production.


A company with excellent lost wax casting service capabilities generally has the following characteristics:

1. With an experienced technical team, we can formulate solutions that can complete orders in a shorter time and at a lower cost according to your requirements.

2. The factory can strictly implement the ISO9001 quality management system and has excellent production capacity.

3. The factory has a high degree of automation, and the production team has rich experience, which can complete orders faster.

4. Have a professional quality inspection team to control the overall quality of the order.

5. Can provide more professional freight consulting services, optimize freight routes, reduce freight costs, and provide other freight-related services.

6. With after-sales service, when there are quality problems with the product, we can put forward a better solution centered on you.


HULK Metal has focused on metal casting services since the second half of the 20th century. We have a complete service system. If you have any needs, you can contact us at any time.

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