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Iron Metal (Ferrum) is a metal element. And we call it Iron more in the metalworking process. It exists not only in our lives but in our bodies. This article is only about Iron Metal in industrial production. You can click WIKI's iron if you want to know the chemical properties and biological properties of iron. Because we are a professional metalworking service provider, you can contact us if you need OEM Iron Metal parts. We will provide you with excellent metal processing services.


Iron Metal Knowledge Guide:

What is Iron Metal:

Types of Iron Metal:

Wrought Iron:


Pig Iron:

Application of Iron Metal:

Manufacturing Process of Iron Metal Parts:

What is Iron Metal:

Iron Metal is an element in the periodic table with the symbol Fe. It is very important to us because it exists not only in our lives but also in our bodies. We use iron to make various utensils to make life better. We detail the Iron Metal type and what tools we made with them below.


Types of Iron Metal:

Iron Metal in industrial production must contain carbon and other elements. In the process of classification, according to the proportion of carbon content, Iron Metal can be divided into wrought iron with a carbon content of less than 0.0218%, steel with a carbon content of 0.0218-2.11%, and pig iron with a carbon content of more than 2%:


Wrought Iron: 

Wrought iron is soft, has good plasticity, and is easy to deform. But it has low strength and hardness. And the carbon content in wrought iron is very low. So it is hard to refine. Therefore, it is difficult for us to see wrought iron in our lives. Wrought iron is divided into chemical pure iron with almost zero impurities and industrial pure iron.


Steel has excellent physical and chemical properties and can show unique properties after adding other elements such stainless steel has strong corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, tool steel can be used to make molds, and so on. We published an article about steel in detail. If you want to know more about steel, you can click to view it.


Pig Iron:

In addition to more carbon, pig iron also contains many other impurities. Pig iron can be divided into steelmaking pig iron and foundry pig iron according to usage. In our daily habits, we refer to pig iron for steelmaking as pig iron and casting pig iron as cast iron for short. To meet the physical characteristics of castings in casting production, scientists have changed the internal structure of cast iron by using methods such as forging, modification, and spheroidization and improved its mechanical properties. White cast iron, gray cast iron, malleable cast iron, nodular cast iron and special cast iron, and others. Because castings made of cast iron are very common in life, we have specially compiled an article about cast iron. You can click and view cast iron to know more if you want.


Application of Iron Metal:

Iron Metal can be found everywhere in our daily life. Iron Metal is found in everything from transportation tools to electronic components, and even the red blood cells in our body contain iron. Because there are so many types of Iron Metal, it would be very unprofessional to talk about the application of Iron Metal in general. So we need to talk about it according to the types of Iron Metal or even according to the grade of iron in different classifications. So, you can click to view the content of steel and cast iron if you want to know more about the application of Iron Metal.

Manufacturing Process of Iron Metal Parts:

l Determine the function of Iron Metal parts;

l Determine the performance of Iron Metal parts;

l Drawings of ironwork.

l Choose materials that match the performance of Iron Metal parts.

l Choose a metal manufacturing process (casting, forging, machining, CNC machining, etc.) that can make Iron Metal pieces to complete the iron pieces.

l Finishing (surface treatment, etc.) is carried out on manufactured Iron Metal parts.

During this process, we may need to make several adjustments to the drawings to suit the final requirements. If it comes to mass production, we also need to find a factory that can provide excellent metalworking services to provide professional services for us.


The above is a part of our summary of iron content. In this article, we made jumps based on what you might want to learn more about. HULK Metal has provided OEM services for cast iron and steel parts for hundreds of customers. If you need to find a Chinese metal foundry to produce a product, you can contact us at any time.

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